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Westgate Green Manifesto

Our Promise

Infinity Brand Products are designed with the adaptability to provide the most sustainable attributes in the packaging industry. Sustainable versatility is achieved by designing products that are innovative and efficient, utilize the eco-friendliest substrates commercially viable and are produced on custom assembly equipment with optimized carbon footprint impact.

Infinity Brand Products will always be manufactured with the most sustainable material substrates currently available. All current products are produced with a blend of polypropylene and 40% mineral based renewable calcium carbonate. Polypropylene recycling is available in the majority of all communities and is considered one of the safest materials for food or other applications.

The market for polyolefin and renewable raw material substrates is continuing to evolve and advance to develop functional and innovative sustainable resins. These include Starch, PLA and other expanded nucleated structures. Infinity Brand Products will keep pace with these developments and work with suppliers to qualify, utilize and commercialize these materials in an expedited time frame.

Infinity Brand products will be formed or assembled with processes that minimize their carbon footprint impact by utilizing the most efficient resources available. This includes designing custom forming equipment that reduces the consumption of energy by 60-70%.

In addition, all Infinity Brand Products will continue to be manufactured with pride in Oshkosh Wisconsin; providing assurance of authenticity, traceability, consistency and safety of all raw materials and supplies used in our manufacturing.

Infinity Brands Line of Products

Infinity Buckets

42 oz to 130 oz

Infinity Boxes

64 oz to 85 oz

Infinity Barns

40 oz

Flower Pots

3" up to 8"