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Infinity Brands offers a premium line of food packaging and horticulture flower pots.

Standard and Customizable Infinity Buckets, Infinity Boxes and Barns

Infinity Brands Line of Products

Infinity Buckets

42 oz to 130 oz

Infinity Boxes

32 oz to 85 oz

Infinity Barns

40 oz to 64 oz

Flower Pots

3" up to 8"

Our Expertise

The Westgate Infinity Brands line of packaging includes Buckets, Boxes and Barns all featuring print standards that can only be found in the best of high-end commercial printing – and are available in over 25 stock designs. 

We are dedicated to pioneering innovative technology to introduce premium graphics to rigid packaging.

Our Company

Founded in 2009 and Headquartered in Oshkosh, WI. Westgate is a first generation, family owned packaging company.

From these simple roots the company has advanced and expanded our technology to produce a unique line of products with print images unmatched in the market.

Print Catalog